Essential new music: Yaeji, Sulky Boy & More

YAEJI / ‘Yaeji’ EP

Demonstrating a truly unique vocal sound, Yaeji’s new EP showcases a blend of house music quite unlike what we’ve heard before. Yaeji is the project of 23-year-old producer Kathy Yaeji Lee who is based in New York and Seoul – two locations with great influence on youth culture and is yet another example of the immense creativity emerging from these cities.

The synth-led beat and tentative vocals jump in and out of the foreground, creating a timeless electronic soundscape.  She sings in English and Korean – ‘I need coffee / shit is crazy / shit is Yaeji’ on ‘Feel It Out’ is a lyrical example of the laid-back yet carefully calculated nature of this EP. An extremely fresh sounding release, this is out now on GODMODE.

SULKY BOY / Drunk Dial


The ‘Echochamp House’ as Noisey describes it seems to be a key hub of Brighton’s slacker rock music scene – Sulky Boy are the latest product to get excited about. Alongside them in this hotbed of new music are the likes of The Magic Gang, who’ve just signed a major label deal, and Abattoir Blues who are finally receiving much deserved attention. Sulky Boy’s new EP ‘Play Songs Of Love’ is just one of a series of releases planned by the Echochamp label including offerings from the likes of Birdskulls and Manuka Honeys too. Read more with So Young Magazine.

ETTA BOND / Kiss My Girlfriend

etta bond 2

The lyrics are honest and upfront and the production, accompanied by Chris Loco, feels pristine. Etta Bond means business with her latest musical offering ahead of a collaborative EP with Chris Loco. The track is accompanied by incredible visuals in the form of a Sophie Jones directed video which looks at the diversity of female beauty and sexuality. HighSnobiety had a chat with Etta about her return and its worth a read.

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