Killer tracks from March

THE ORIELLES – Sugar Tastes Like Salt

An eight-minute debut single from a young three piece like The Orielles is a real statement of artistic intent. In a track that chops and changes almost infinitely, Sugar Tastes Like Salt is an unpredictable, verging-on-psychdelic whirlwind of a track. Accompanied by a headline UK tour, the new Heavenly signees most certainly have exciting times ahead of them. Pro tip: skip to 3-4 minutes for some seriously infectious riff action and masterfully entertaining vocal effects.

GORILLAZ – Andromeda

Albarn and co. are back and remain unafraid of pushing boundaries. They’ve dropped four new singles and, in the last day or two, a remix of each has also emerged. Working alongside Vince Staples, Jehnny Beth, Popcaan and, on our personal favourite of the new offerings, D.R.A.M, Gorillaz have displayed a willingness to merge genres and offer something that feels very relevant for 2017. New album ‘Humanz’ is out April 28th.

HMLTD – To The Door/Music!

The big word that follows this band around is ‘polarising’. And rightfully so. It’s impossible to predict anyone’s reaction to this band and impossible to predict what on earth they will offer next. It seems they intend on getting weirder and weirder – and that’s the best thing about it. The music videos, the aesthetic, the lyrics, the flurries of what sounds like dubstep that erupt on each track – everything – is challenging almost every kind of expectation you will hold about guitar music in 2017.


One headline read ‘new single Humble is anything but’. Then again, that’s sort of the point. In what immediately sounds and feels like a track inspired by the ubiquity of grime in the last year, Kendrick Lamar is as fearless as ever. The surprise album release is becoming a staple of the US hip-hop scene and supposedly Kendrick’s new record ‘IV’ could be with us as soon as next week.

VAN ZELLER – You Can’t Lose/All Or Nothing

This band are only in their infancy and these are the first full recordings we’ve heard from them. However, the intensity of their second ever headline gig at Bristol’s Louisiana would suggest anything but. The crowd knew the words and the performance felt triumphant, akin to a homecoming, despite it being just the beginning. Things are looking promising as Flying Vinyl have released this debut single and they’ve just announced their first UK headline tour – it’s all kicking off for Van Zeller.