Five-a-day: Joey Fourr, Fwar, Hinds & More

Although Hinds have been globetrotting of late, they’ve still had to time to squeeze in the release of ‘Holograma’. It’s a cover of Los Nastys, a band they describe as the best band in the world, and one of the first songs they ever played in the early days under the name Deers. A nostalgic, unpolished gem from the ever lovely Madrid quartet.

Fwar, who seems remarkably elusive online, has come up with a pulsing, electronically enthused new EP that we stumbled upon courtesy of Tom Ravenscroft’s late night 6 Music slot. The EP is ‘Sanctuary’ and it needs to be yours.

The timing of Joey Fourr’s ‘Uhmericka’ is a stroke of genius. Not only is it an oozing, effortlessly funky pop hit, it’s also the perfect remedy for any post-Trump moodiness. Listen to it now but don’t forget to bring it out when summer arrives, it’ll be even better with a dose of sunshine.

‘Treats’ is a boisterous bundle of energy from Inheaven, another addition to their series of single releases over the last few months. On an aesthetically themed side note, the artwork for these singles has been fantastically consistent and ‘Treats’ adds even more excitement to the artistic mix.

While the lyrics may be a little dark, Luxury Death’s indie pop ‘Painkiller’ is a curiously uplifting new release. This is available with Art Is Hard Records’ PinPal club so get in the zone, grab yourself an enamel pin and wear your favourite new music with pride.

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