Essential tracks from the Japanese music scene

After the Japan special on Fresh Juice last night I thought it would be worthwhile sharing with you four more tracks to get a real flavour of the slacker pop scene over in Japan. Some of the tracks got cut short during the show so this is also a way of compensating those who stayed up till the early hours to listen live over in Japan.

Kojipull – Summer Wave

Kojika Pullpull offers up a brand of slacker pop with folk and country flavouring. ‘Summer Wave’ is his latest offering but there are a multitude of tracks on his Soundcloud.

Boys Age – Good Yesterdays

Dubbed as Japan’s very own Mac DeMarco, Boys Age are are an essential artist on the Japanese scene. With heaps of music available online and a variety of releases on labels such as Gnar Tapes, Burger Records and Citrus City Records, there’s a lot to choose from.

Neon Comet – Matane

Neon Comet is the musical work of Tetsutaro Ando from Tokyo. ‘Matane’ comes from his latest release ‘Lullabies for the Space Age’.

Pictured Resort – Now And On

This track from Osaka’s Pictured Resort opens with funk guitar, quite unlike other tracks we’ve been hearing from the artists above. ‘Now And On’ is the title track from Pictured Resort’s new album which is out via Rallye Label.

Owen from POND has put together a cracker of a Japanese playlist if you’re looking for more. Also, if you missed the Japan special you can stream past shows here.


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